Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Class (as usual!)

Just some clarification on the "Teen Speak Contest." "A" prize to 2 "winners" (assuming 4 or more entries, otherwise just one "A").

Be Creative: Use the "Teen Speak" entries on the blog to write a longish poem, a story, or an "I am..." statement. I'm looking for lots of words and phrases from our list (the fewer transition words the better), and an interesting (can be funny of course) narrative. No laundry listing---got to be saying something.

DUE: Thursday, April 24--Hard Copy in Class. Please give me a "heads-up" those of you that are working on one

Final word on the final two sections:

Section 1: "My Adolescent World": using both informants, construct a statement about them from a variety of sources: MySpace, interviews, photos/films, and your commentary. We will work on form and subsections in our meetings. The goal is to present to a reader an in-depth portrait of your informants: their voice, their identity/image, etc, and your commentary (save your methods commentary for your final blog).

Section 2: Focused "Belief/Value/Behavior." The goal here is to develop a theme in-depth: For example, "Dating and Courtship in Teen Culture: Bill and Alice," or "On-Line Lives: Bill and Alice," or "Friends: Nothing More Important," or, finally, "Being a Teen (Girl, Boy, Black/Hispanic/Asian)..." And of course lots more.

See you Thursday.


Katrina said...

Do you think I could perhaps be a judge for the teen speak xtra credit?

Katrina said...

Also, I forget- Material culture assignment is due the last day of Spring break?

Professor Rubenstein said...

no, yes