Sunday, March 2, 2008

OK---All Blogged Out...and Ready for More

Sorry for the delay. I read a few at a time. They are very good, and I don't want to just barrel through them.

Most of you have made some breakthroughs and are getting real stuff.

We are at a point where you should be saying "I want to know more about..."

Or "I need to focus on.."

We still have more exploring time--but start thinking of the final sections.

But, please, read some classmate blogs--they are excellent.

And, finally, remember where all this blogging is leading. You will be making a final statement on methods, on how your work progressed. So all of this good--don't think it has to proceed in a perfectly straight line--there are good days and bad days. Just keep plugging away--I am happy with what I have read so far--you are making a good faith effort--and that is all I can ask (well...maybe a bit more too).


toni collins said...

Thanks for the coments...I have been really fortunate that they don't mind opening up to fina section will most likely be about they see themselves, and how others see them.Sorry about Thursday...I was at the doctor's office with my daughter until after 4 p.m.

Professor Rubenstein said...

yeah I's she doing?

toni collins said...

fine now...they did a minor surgery and she had to see an infectious disease specialist (she has MRSA and it is the third time in 9 months).

As for my paper on their personal spaces, I have a question. Jessica is easy...her room is her space. She utilizes it to transform, to hide out, and just to hang out. Ashley is another matter...her room is a shared space with her baby, her boyfriend, and soon the new baby. The only place she says is her own is her myspace...can I do that? Jessy has a real place...but Ashley has a virtual space...kind of like..."Her Place and Myspace"...what do you think?

My other question has to do with the final topic...I want to do image...but with a twist. I want to do a three prong they see themselves, how they see each other, and how they would like the world to see them. Maybe call it "I See Me, I See You, But Can You See Me Now?"...what do you think?

Professor Rubenstein said...

ok- so I think we answered the first question: Do a thorough content analysis of the virtual space (as if you were mining it for artifacts, meanings, etc.)

Second question: to me it looks like 1 and 3 are pretty much the same thing. And are we talking about the the composite portraits? v. the focused "belief/value/behavior.?"

For the first final section: I would do image: who we are, who she is, and your commentary. And I would come up with another idea for the second, focused final section.