Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Teen Speak"

Good class today! Thinking about "getting wasted" (well, not really).

We should be collecting "teen speak" words and phrases. Begin collecting from your informants only (that is, not what you read or hear on tv, etc). Send (through the comment below) me the word or phrase, and the meaning (and context if necessary), and I'll start a list on the left side of the blog.


Katrina said...

wasted, plastered, smashed, hammered, and messed up are the words that my brother and his friends have used. all of them are the equivalent of very intoxicated.

Gina said...

I actually asked my informant for some terms... to start a glossary for my paper. This is what he sent me (in his words)...
"Hooking Up" : is basically like someone you're not "dating" or "seeing" and doing anything more than kissing (at a party or whatever!)
"Seeing Somebody": is when you meet somebody and you go on a few dates to get to know each other- basically "pre-dating"
"Dating": comes after "seeing each other".. after a few dates you "officially ask somebody out

Katrina said...

I asked my brother and his friends what their thoughts were of Gina's comment and they said:

no values82 (9:25:22 PM): yeh but hookin up is like anything just makin out is hookin up
Volcomskater124 (9:28:23 PM): Yah that sounds right but we dont say 'seeing sombody' really
mobgrip98 (9:32:44 PM): yeah a lot of ppl hook up or the girl thinks its more but its not

Gina Marie said...

I don't think my kids have their own language...at least none that I notice right off the bat. The main thing that they use that would potentially be considered different is just a ton of abbreviations instead of actual phrases. examples:
"lol" = laughing out loud
"lmao" = laughing my ass off

toni collins said...

bounce-to leave
wifey-best girl friend for a girl

Katrina said...

"gay" i.e. "that's gay" "he's acting gay" "so freakin gay" etc
- it basically means stupid or annoying or not fair depending on the context

Kathy said...

in addition to katrina's comment, my one informant uses the word "fag" a lot to describe people he doesn't like (which makes me cringe)

also the purposeful misspelling of certain words like 'skool', 'kool', and probably others I can't think of

Britt said...

I got quite a few, so enjoy!

OMG- Oh My God
Retarded- that's/you're stupid
Chillin'/coolin'- hanging out
Smash- to have sex with
Hit it and quit it- one-night stand
Tap that- have sex with
Trashed- drunk
F***ed up- drunk/high
Wifey- girlfriend
Wife her- Marry her
Knocked up- pregnant
Peeps- your friends
Off the hook/chain; that's what's up; that's hot; that's the shit- that's awesome
You wildin'/buggin'- you're crazy
What's good?- What's new?
What's poppin'?- what's happening?
This shit be poppin'- This is awesome
Nah mean?- Do you know what I mean?
Imma- I'm going to
Yurp- yes
Bangin'- cool
In a minute- a long time
Grip- get, grab
Showin' some love- saying "hi" esp. commenting on myspace
Stupid hard- be strong, play hard in a game
Stoked- excited
Mad beat- messed up

4peace said...
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4peace said...

"Snapping" means being proud of something accomplished, ex. I was snapping at my B-game (Ball game)
"Styling" means lying. This one really gets me because the slang term styling in the 70's-80's meant that you thought you were dressed nice. I guess that's why the meaning changed after looking at how we dressed. lol
"Burnt Out" means screwing up your life, making a bad choice/decision
"I'm Out" leaving
"WHATEVER" anything absence of actual problem solving or communication: to detach

4peace said...

Britt -Your posting is 'off the chain.' I've heard most all of those terms around my house. I also like your blog page, it's honest and mirrors some of my reasons for returning to school. good luck!

Gina Marie said...

My informants say that this isn't "teen speak" -it's their own way of communicating with each other, but not other peers. (they're kind of like a family)

-chillax : chill/calm down, relax
-peace : goodbye
-I'm gonna pee myself : I need to use the bathroom
-back it up : get off of me
-excuse you! : you're being ignorant
-Hola instead of hello
-more instant message/text language used in actual conversation : OMG, j/k(just kidding), ROFL(rolling on the floor laughing)

Anonymous said...

crunk,tipsy,hammered, retarded, destroyed, shit faced,messed up, and sloppy jo

Sarah said...

Rockin- Wearing and looking good wearing something
"Rocking the red dress"

Wifey to my gay female informant is her girlfriend.
"Me and the wifey went to the mall"

Drunk off my ass - Really Drunk

ROFL-Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Anonymous said...

"Ya Heard"...Basically agreeing with what someone has said

"WTF" What the f***

"My Boo" Something your would refer to your girlfriend or boyfriend as

"Fall Back" Keeping your distance from someone

Gina Marie said...

Hot second : real fast.

(Do we have time to run to the Speedy Mart for a hot second?)