Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday, February 28 Class

Let's start with some MySpace portraits: volunteers?

Field Blogs: Laurie Vandenberg, Rachel Knapp (Our "back wall")

Teen Political Activism? Just for Fun (Sweeping YouTube!)

Adolescent Portraits:
Case 10: Family identity

Questions about Material Culture Assignment?

Part 1: Stepping Inside, A Tribe Apart
Katherine Quick, Kaitlyn Pohler, Audrey O'Donnell, and Lauren Hresko will lead the discussion. Reading emphasis: methods (stepping inside), significance of high school for the teens.

Field Blogs: Beth Reynolds, Sarah Lees, Gina Maguire

Teen Websites: Gaye Allen, Jennifer Easterbrook: why chosen? content analysis, possible final section?

MySpace volunteers

Teens on Line PBS Documentary: reactions?

Minority Identity: Adolescent Portraits:
Cases 1( Toni Collins, Kia Jones), 4 (Kelly Edwards, Tim Friel), 5 (Devon Allen, Jinnie Morris), 7 (Jasmina Anandapara, Michael Garry)
Chapter 11: A Tribe Apart (Beth Reynolds)

Field Blogs: Sarah/Gina from Tuesday, Cassandra Chambers, Katrina Spaeth, Danielle Henry

Teen Websites: Brittany Griffith

Tuesday's Class: March 11
Adolescent Portraits: Case 2 (Cassandra Chambers, Katrina Spaeth), Case 3 (Danielle Henry, Gina Maguire)

See also Film Links: teens and religion

And to get us in the mood: Gina Roseboro found "GodTube's" reply to our film "13."

Thursday's Class: March 13 (Last class before Spring Break)

MySpace/Field Blog/Teen Website volunteers

A Tribe Apart: Chapter 9 (Graffiti, Rachel Knapp), and please view Style Wars: (see Film Links) before class as it is an hour+ long.
Chapter 13 (Moshing, Laurie Vandenberg) get us thinking about our final sections: "First Thoughts..." Take a look a some of the topic ideas in the syllabus (March 13)

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